The hemp industry in Australia is still in its infancy, despite the best efforts of some individuals over many years.  Unfortunately, one or two individuals cannot make a long-lasting industry so, as an association, we are seeking membership to grow our numbers and provide an ever-increasing, strong voice to parliamentarians and bureaucrats.  All of our work is on a purely unpaid, volunteer basis.

Australia currently has the legislation in place to grow hemp and we have the means to process it as a food. However, Australia is among only a few industrialised nations that prohibits hemp seed as a food. To process the crop for fibre to produce textiles and building products requires more costly infrastructure. The current prime focus of this Association is therefore to lobby government for legislation changes to allow hemp to be sold as a food for human consumption. In parallel, the Association will help co-ordinate information flow and education of growers, processors and end users.

More information on the food approval process can be found here.

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