The Industrial Hemp Association of Victoria, Inc. provides its members with newsletters containing product information, results of research, updates on industry developments both overseas and in Australia and a co-ordinated representation to government, voicing issues and concerns as they arise.  By becoming a member, you will be supporting this emerging industry which has the potential to provide an ecologically and economically sustainable alternative to sectors of the timber, cotton, construction and oilseed industries.  Membership will entitle you to a vote at general meetings and the potential for discounts on products as offered from time to time by other members and affiliates.

Yearly membership fees are $30.00 for single members and $100.00 for companies.  Please download this membership form, pay the relevant membership fee and email the application as indicated on the form.

Membership application form 2018-19

The Association has adopted rules which can be found here:  Registered Association Rules

Annual General Meeting:  29 April 2018:  Notice of AGM 2018 & Agenda & Proxy Form





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